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Renzo Sugar Equip is a professional company that manufactures various sugar production equipment, including single-crystal sugar equipment, multi-crystal sugar equipment, granulated sugar machine equipment, medical sugar equipment, vacuum condenser equipment, crystal seed machine, ice breaker, storage tank, sugar melting pot, concentration pot, red sugar concentration pot, and more.

By improving the technology and equipment for rock candy production, our factory has developed an advanced crystal sugar production line, which has transformed the manual operation and manual sugar packaging of single-crystal sugar production into automated mechanical production with sugar packaging, increasing the crystallization rate. The single-crystal rock candy yield can reach over 87%, and the sugar crystallization time has been reduced from 48 hours per tank to 20-25 hours, effectively saving energy and reducing costs. The new process technology improves the sugar yield, and the multi-crystal sugar yield can reach over 82% in a single crystallization (compared to the domestic average yield of 55-60% for multi-crystal sugar factories).

Our company has a professional installation and sugar output technology team, which can undertake the planning and design of sugar factories’ plant and site, machinery installation, commissioning, maintenance, and sugar production technology transfer.



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