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Sugar beet is processed by extracting juice, cleaning it, evaporating it to crystallize naturally, then separating it into molasses, sun-drying it, and finally producing products such as white sugar or granulated sugar.

After removing soil, grass, and stones from sugar beet, it needs to be washed in water, then put into a slicing machine, and the sliced beet is then placed into a continuous extraction device. The extracted juice is then purified, heated, and processed for the next step.

There are two cleaning procedures during the cleaning process, which are alkali saturation and sulfur dioxide bleaching.

Sugar juice is generally evaporated through a three, four, or five-effect system. After evaporation, the water is removed to concentrate the juice into syrup.

Sugar syrup is boiled under vacuum, and the solution containing white sugar crystals is subjected to auxiliary crystallization, molasses separation, drying, and screening to produce white sugar.



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